Remote expertise and inspection will stay to be part of the future

This year’s spring CED introduced remote expertise and inspection via a live video connection. A current solution necessary due to the fact that physical visits were not possible everywhere. Since then, the remote services have boomed. ‘Unique, digital and yet personal, as the market can expect from CED,’ says Country Manager Arnold van Herk of the Netherlands. ‘A service that can no longer be ignored in the future, even if social life will normalize again.’

With remote expertise, the experts at CED perform the damage assessment remotely, together with the victim and his mobile device. When the file is opened, the CED expert makes an appointment with the victim. A live video connection starts via a link in a text message, and while they also have telephone contact with each other, the damage assessment starts. The expert ‘directs’ the victim who shows the damage via smartphone or tablet. The expert then indicates which photos he needs for the expertise. Images and data are automatically uploaded in an online environment, after which the expert can prepare and send his report. All this, of course, compliant with the GDPR guidelines and Privacy legislation.

Cost and time efficient alternative

Since the introduction, interest in these remote services has accelerated. CED can now offer this in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, but the roll-out is still ongoing. Moreover, this seems to be the service of the future. Because even in the post-corona era, remote expertise and inspection can be used to replace, for example, the traditional damage expertise in the Property segment (for real estate entrepreneurs, housing corporations, for risk and value assessments and repair-in-kind services). ‘As far as cross border claims management is concerned, we mainly see opportunities for these remote services as a cost and time efficient alternative for leasing companies and fleet managers, dealing with frequent driver changes,’ states Van Herk.

ALD Automotive enjoyed the scoop

ALD Automotive provides innovative mobility solutions for lease and fleet management. With more than 6,500 employees in 43 countries worldwide, the company manages 1.76 million vehicles. Since 2016, ALD Automotive has been crowned the best leasing company in the Netherlands for 3 years in a row and in 2019 it even won the Fleet Europe Innovation Award. When ALD Automotive was introduced to CED’s remote services, the company decided to use these services for damage and maintenance inspections on their vehicles. Thus, ALD Automotive became the first lease company to use the CED remote tool. ALD Automotives damage and maintenance experts can now view remotely via a smartphone from the executing dealer and assess a claim for damage or maintenance. In addition, savings can be made on inspection costs and lead times are faster. ‘In the current situation, in which we are dealing with social distancing, innovation is even more important,’ says Lonneke van der Horst, Marketing and Strategy director of ALD Automotive. ‘That is why we recently rolled out our tank app with Ease2pay at an accelerated pace, so we have now started this beautiful and accelerated collaboration with CED.’

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