Synergy CED and Eurexo

‘Jointly innovating and thinking out of the box’

At the end of 2020, CED Group took over the French company Eurexo, a claims handling company with DNA that is similar to that of CED. With this, the footprint of CED in France has multiplied and CED has further strengthened its position as European leader of the market in claims handling. Valerié Berthereaux, since 2016 CEO of Eurexo, sketches an image of the company and the benefits of cooperating with CED.

'Together we can develop good, distinguishing IT solutions while using each other’s strengths.'

‘Before I transferred to Eurexo, ‘claims transformation’ was my specialization at, among others, consulting company Accenture and insurer Generali,’ Berthereaux tells. ‘The position of Eurexo was not that strong back then. Clients and colleagues were less satisfied, and we were actually a little too late with the IT transformation. However, in the last 4 years Eurexo has achieved a lot. We have digitalized, have brought in new clients, and have optimized our values and processes. And despite working decentralized, we are now a strongly unified group with proud colleagues.’

The human connection

‘For Eurexo, the human connection is very important,’ Berthereaux states. ‘We are strongly represented locally, with 44 departments in 6 regions. Of course, everything is online right now, but because of this, connections happen more intensively, more frequently, and more to-the-point. In the course of 2020, we have not had many issues with the Covid pandemic. Admittedly, there were 50% less new claims, but we had a large backlog in our work. Because of this, Eurexo still managed a higher turnover than the year before. The next phase might be more difficult … There are less claims, but the cause of this is still difficult to define.’

Stronger together

Based on turnover, Eurexo is the fifth-ranked player in the French claims handling sector. Berthereaux: ‘Sometimes we, as a company, have not been big enough for a commission. Now that we are combining forces with CED, we are stronger. Next year, we hope to win back large clients, including clients with more specialized claims. Additionally, we are focusing on growth in Mobility; if we anticipate the digital needs in this sector, there is a lot to win. Together with CED, we can develop good, distinguishing IT solutions while using each other’s strengths. For example, Eurexo has innovative remote tools for property- and drought damages, that are well applicable in the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. I have complete faith in that we, together with CED, can become a true ‘key player’ in Europe. We have a similar company culture and we both focus on innovation; we dare to think out of the box.’

'In the last 4 years Eurexo has achieved a lot'

CED and Eurexo in numbers:

1900 employees

13 countries

1,2 million claims per year

€ 200 million turnover

  • Assistance
  • Car and non-vehicle expert appraisel
  • Repair in-kind
  • Outsourced management
  • Digital solutions

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This (English) video shows how the collaboration between CED and Eurexo leads to a strong European market party!

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