‘Meet the Team’

With 12 offices in Europe, 1 in North Africa and a network of 26 international partners, the whole of Europe is always close by.


Each country its own specific approach … CED has the expertise, the network and the customer-driven mentality to do this most successfully.

France Robert de Waard (Operational Director and Country Manager France), robert.dewaard@ ced.group

Germany Tobias Klingelhöfer (Country Manager and member of the CBC management team), tobias.klingelhoefer@ ced.group

Portugal Susana Bentes (Country Manager), Susana.bentes@ ced.group

Spain María Severo Soler (Country Manager) maria.severo@ ced.es

The UK Ian Bearpark (Country Manager and member of the CBC management team), Ian.Bearpark@ ced.group

Austria, Christian Novak (Country Manager), Christian.novak@ ced.group

Italy Daniela Gambadori (Country Manager), daniela.gambadori@ ced.group

BeNeLux Koen Vreys (Country Manager and member of the CBC management team), Koen.Vreys@ ced.be

Greece Alkistis Gamaletsou (Country Manager). Alkistis.Gamaletsou@ ced.group

Poland Paulina Fulneczek (Country Manager), paulina.fulneczek@ ced.group

CED operates throughout Europe with a long history of dealing with cross-border claims and services. We give our international clients the reassurance that foreign claims are handled with care and expertise, offering the best solution for each claim. We work in partnership with our clients and network in over 40 countries. As a full-service provider, CED has integrated systems and processes for all aspects of a claim, including those which may have a cross-border element. From vehicle inspections to the settlement of damages, third-party handling, and recovery cases, CED is there for our clients. With experts and dedicated multilingual claims handlers across Europe, we are there when it matters.

Exceeding expectations

Handling major claims abroad is in good hands with CED because we understand the interests of insurers and our other clients who outsource their claims activities to us. We meet these requirements reliably and in accordance with the high standards which our customers expect. Based on our experience, knowledge, and extensive network, we offer the best possible solution for every claim. But that is not all: CED provides added value to clients with pro-active claims processing and through additional, innovative services. This is how we can exceed your expectations - every day.

The obvious choice!

With 12 offices in Europe, 1 in North Africa, and a network of 26 international partners, CED offers European insurers a local representation in all Green Card countries. Clients can choose to work directly with the foreign CED or partner office. Or they give preference to have contact with the CED office in their country, which then will act as a platform towards the CED network, offering simple lines of communication for a client’s entire foreign claims portfolio. Our digital platform is used throughout Europe so that all claims management and information is provided locally, from advice to invoicing. Yes, CED is the obvious choice!