‘The market of Cross Border Claims is on the move…..’

Dear clients, friends, and contacts, The world around us is very much changing. Due to Covid-19 and all the measures and restrictions, you would think we are standing still. But on the contrary, there is less personal traffic, but the claims of commercial traffic have continued, and we see new interesting developments. The foreign claims business is on the move! At CED, we closely watch the market and like to keep you informed about these international movements.

News about the market

That is why you will find short articles about the market in this second edition of News from CED Cross Border Claims. In July we sent you the first edition of our new digital magazine. Thank you for all the positive reactions and feedback, enabling us to understand even better what is of interest to you and which topics “move” you. Many articles were appreciated, especially about our fraud detection. In our next edition, we shall therefore go from detection to prevention and share with you our vision, knowing that this topic is on the agenda of many insurance companies, even often on Board-level.


In this second edition, we will go into another hot topic during these times: Brexit. Ian Bearpark, Business Development Manager (and country manager of CED UK), shares facts and his view on the developments. For the Green Card claims, no changes are to be expected, as the Green Card Agreement is not strictly EU legislation. Therefore, the UK will be allowed to remain part of the Agreement. Foreign insurers will still require representation in the UK and vice versa. The government advice about Brexit changes daily, even so, close to ‘the day’. As of the 1st of January, we do not have the EU legislation to fall back on, so we will handle and settle each claim in their context, together with our clients, offering solutions and acting in your best interest.

Business Development

Next to that Ian Bearpark gladly shares his enthusiasm about how CED Cross Border Claims will go forward, adapting existing services to current situations and filling in the needs due to future developments. His drive for sharing data is one of our key initiatives to help our clients and improve our services.

Also, opportunities in the Greek local and international market

As an international organization, we cherish the views of our international clients. We have invited the Greek insurance company Defteros Allilasfalistikos Syneterismos to tell us how they see the local and international market and how they have reacted in Covid times. In their opinion, ‘everyone has more responsibility on their shoulders to try to ensure an optimistic outcome for the future’. We trust to give you insights and inspiration with this E-zine and hope to see you again soon, who knows next year ‘live’. Let’s hope we will move to that possibility soon! Warm regards, Karin Korstanje Managing Director CED Cross Border Claims

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