The latest developments from CED Group and CED CBC in a quick glance

Liability of German Trailers

Welcoming Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel between Bosnia and Herzegovina and other signatory states is now permitted without the need for a Green Card. This is because last October, Bosnia and Herzegovina have been formally and officially admitted as signatory to the Multilateral Agreement. Be up-to-date regarding the extension of the system. Insurers may now experience an increased incidence in claims arising in Bosnia and Herzegovina or involving a vehicle from that country in their own territory.

Electronic Green Card

Image and Structural change of CoB

The Council of Bureaux and the national Guarantee Funds have been harmonized. The Council of Bureaux is currently the umbrella organization for all Bureaux, Information Centres and now also the Guarantee Funds. It is actively looking to rebrand itself to reflect a modern organization. Its future remit should be reflected in the name it gives itself.

New types of vehicles

A working-group within the Council of Bureaux has been established in order to study the needed requests based on possible cases of cross-border-accidents, within the scope of the Internal Regulations and the Fourth Directive.

Modified internal regulations